Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Emerson Skiing


Sorry for the shaky video, but I was trying to ski and video, 
all while trying to avoid the traffic below me on the slope!

Utah Ski Trip

Fighting an ear infection on the plane...that hurts!  Luckily, she was sleeping!
 Carter and Dad at the top of Powder Mountain

 We really miss these views while driving!  You take it for granted when you live there!

 Dad and Carter ready for the day at Snowbasin!

 We decided to try skiing with Emerson for the first time.  She was really excited and all in!
She loved her red boots and did so well walking in them the entire afternoon, which can be tricky!
 A $10 lunch to get her ready!  The food at the resort is so pricey, but it's good!
 Kellen's old buddy and his family met us for the day. Here we are at our meeting place...the moose!
 Emerson had a three hour private lesson which was soooo well worth it!  Her instructor, Becky, was AMAZING!  I can't say enough good things about Snowbasin and their instructors.  We didn't know if Emerson would ever ski, and we do really owe it all to Becky!  I would just so strongly suggest that if you are taking your little ones to ski, that you pay a professional their first few times.  It is REALLY expensive, but it is so well worth it.  I really don't think there is any way she would have done this with us, and we are so grateful that she got up, but more importantly....that she LOVED it!

 going up the magic carpet for the first time!
 I had a friend that posted her feet at the beach this same weekend...so I took a picture of my feet on the lift and sent it to her.  Although, I probably liked where her feet were better!
 Emerson on the lift!  She loved it!
 Getting ready to go down a green run for the first time!
Becky attaching the clip that held the front of her skis together....such a lifesaver.  They really do know exactly what to do to teach little ones!

and this is what you look like on the way home after three hours of skiing!  POOPED!

Pinewood Derby

 Watching the cars go down the track!
 He totally got into it this year!
...and we have a First Place Winner!!!!

Hollywood Studios - Day 4

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Animal Kingdom & Downtown Disney - Day 3

 The Lion King show...the kids were mesmerized!

 Funny bird show......

 Downtown Disney Legoland

 Awesome treats!

 New GIRL Legos...on the birthday list this year!

 She thought this was the coolest thing ever...a dress made of Barbies!

Super "slap-happy"!!  After midnight on Day 3!